Our production

Our production- deer meat, fresh and canned


The farm is producing and selling high quality deer meat, fresh in vacuum package and canned.

In 2014 we passed the check up process of the institution certifying and controlling biological farming and received a positive decision on the certification.

According to the EU rules, first year after the certification we are not yet allowed to mark our produce as biological. In 2015, we have a right to mark it as a transition period produce. Since 2016, we are allowed to mark our production as biological. In fact, the farm is to observe all the requirements already since 2014.

The clients have learned to appreciate the quality of our fresh and canned meat. We are developing new recipes as well, which are soon to be offered.

Since autumn 2014, our canned meat is being sold in the supermarkets RIMI in the departments of local and biological products ‘Klēts’.